Drummond Enters Dunk Contest Against the Odds

For Andre Drummond, he always wanted to be in the Slam Dunk Contest.

“(The NBA) knew I had my eyes on that since my rookie year,” Drummond said. “Four years later, it’s that time to show out.” (Detroit News)

Now, he has his chance.

The problem, the odds are stacked highly against him.

NBA big men have not fared well in the NBA Dunk Contest. In the last 30 slam dunk contest only 1 center has won. That center is someone who Drummond often fins himself compared to, Dwight Howard. Howard won back in 2008 when he sported a Superman t-shirt and red cape.

When asked for a preview into what dunk(s) Drummond may attempt tonight, he gave no hint.

“Very top secret. Nobody know.” (Detroit Freep)

Andre Drummond said he will have some help in the contest but it will not be from anyone who was expected.

Brandon Jennings is not in Toronto for the festivities. Reggie Jackson, Drummond’s alley-oop partner, will also not be in “The 6.”

Andre Drummond will face off in the Dunk Contest against the following:

Aaron Gordon- 6’9 Power Forward

Gordon is a flashy dunker, and is extremely athletic in the air.

Will Barton- 6’5 Shooting Guard/Small Forward

Will Barton made his name in the NBA by being a crazy athletic dunker. Since, he has had his best season of his career, and is a candidate for the Most Improved Player of the Year award at the end of the season. Could he go with an alley oop style dunk tonight?

Zach Lavine- 6’6 Point Guard/Shooting Guard

The clear-cut favorite to win the Dunk Contest tonight, is the winner from last year’s dunk contest, Zach Lavine. He is an insanely athletic guard, who dominated the dunk competition last year.

This Vine basically sums it up:

The Underdog- Andre Drummond 6’11 Center

Drummond truly is the underdog in this contest. For some reason, big men do not fair well with just them, the ball, and the rim. Maybe Drummond should just dunk on someone.

The odds are stacked against Drummond to win, but he has the confidence to beat the odds.

Featured image via: AP


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