Pistons Trade Brandon Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova to Orlando Magic for Tobias Harris

Many experts and analysts have muttered the words, “the Pistons are one piece away from being a serious contender”.  Pundits and basketball junkies like what they see when it comes to basketball in Detroit.  An experienced head coach, an All-star Center, and an above average surrounding cast sound pretty appealing, but with the style of play Detroit plays, they needed an upgrade on the wing if they want to be a serious contender.  

Hopefully February 16, 2016 will be a day Pistons fans look back on as the day their team received that “missing piece”.  Tobias Harris, the young-blooded, hot-shot Forward from Orlando will now be playing for the Pistons.  Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova were the cost for Detroit, but when one truly analyzes the acquisition, it is hard to say Stan Van Gundy made the wrong move.  

Harris who is 23 years old, averaged 13.7 points and seven rebounds this season while shooting 31.1% from three point range.  His averages are significantly worse than last season which signaled to Orlando that the Forward does not fit their system anymore.  Van Gundy recognized the man’s potential and past performances.  Last year Harris averaged, 17.1 points and shot 36.4% from three point range.  

The absence of the Turkish native, Ersan Ilyasova shouldn’t hurt Detroit too much, as Harris will fill the role very nicely.  On the other hand, losing Brandon Jennings will definitely cost the Pistons at least in the short-term as the team will likely have to find a new reliable backup point guard.  

Harris is known around the league as an elite defender and a gritty player.  Van Gundy values character and versatility when it comes to making acquisitions.  So far the President/Coach has a pretty solid track record in Detroit so before anyone freaks out if Harris has an off night, just remember that it takes time for players to adjust to a new team, a new city, and in Harris’s sake, new weather.  


Featured image: Pistons.com

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