Tony Wroten: A Possible Bench Addition

On Monday, the Pistons were victorious in a huge game against the East-leading Cavaliers, snapping their five game losing streak.  Despite the win, the bench was a weakness, when only 10 points were scored by one player: Stanley Johnson.

The surprisingly low scoring bench could’ve been the reason that Detroit won, but regardless, this could end up being a huge problem in the playoffs, if the make the cut.  Now is the time to start putting money toward pieces that can add depth and help Detroit during their playoff push.

This is where Tony Wroten comes into play.

At 22, Wroten is currently looking for a team after being released by the 76ers.  This season, he has only played in eight games, but averages 8.4 points and 2.5 assists in 18 minutes.  This alone is an improvement to Steve Blake’s 4.2 PPG in 15.9 minutes. The real beauty in Wroten is in last season where he averaged 16.9 PPG in 30 games.  In addition to this, he dished out 5.2 APG and swiped 1.6 SPG (per ESPN).  Even in the season before, Wroten averaged 13 PPG and 3 APG.  These are a little out of proportion for bench numbers, but this shows what he can do with his time.

As for off the stat sheets, I don’t know, you tell me.

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