Donatas Motiejunas Labels Physical With Pistons ‘a joke’

After breaking the internet two nights before the trade deadline with a move that sent Tobias Harris to Detroit, President of the Pistons, Stan Van Gundy felt it was necessary to create breaking news again.  February 18, 2016, the Pistons dealt Joel Anthony to the Philadelphia 76ers and a lottery-protected first-round pick to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton.  The deal was rescinded though when Motiejunas failed to pass a physical with the Pistons team doctors.  The Lithuanian native decided to verbally express his take on the situation with a hometown news source this morning.  Below is the translated transcript of Motiejunas’s explanation of the situation.

The medical examination is a funny thing. The team doctor simply says whether you pass or don’t, although they may not even do any checks. Those 48 hours actually just let the team decide whether they want you or not. The Pistons announced I did not pass the medical, although I surely did pass it and played even before it. I just got ‘screwed’. The injury was a pretense to call off the trade. They changed their minds.

Now I will be talking to my agent and lawyers to clarify what to do next. The Pistons had access to my full medical history, so they shouldn’t have done what they did to me. They decreased my value. The medical examination I ‘failed’ was a joke. The Pistons will have some explaining to do why they did not want the trade anymore. We will see what happens.

The language barrier might’ve played a factor in this translation, but for the most part, one has to believe that this reproduction is close to accurate.  Assuming that it is, many people around the league are now questioning Van Gundy’s integrity and honesty.  Pistons fans have grown to love and adore President/Coach Van Gundy over these last two seasons.  There is no doubt he has a mind for the game and is an excellent coach, but it would be asinine to automatically believe Motiejunas is lying to his home-town media.  

It is very likely that what Motiejunas said today was true.  Personally, I believe the 7-foot Lithuanian.  Detroit could’ve very well changed their mind about the acquisition or might’ve not been willing to take a chance on even the slightest bit unhealthy Motiejunas.

Fans have to remember that this is a very competitive business they are dealing with.  The Pistons are desperate to make the postseason this year.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Crazier things have happened in the world of sports and if the Pistons thought Motiejunas wasn’t the right fit for them after the trade was accepted, then of course they would figure out a way to ship him back.  

If anything, Pistons fans should be pleased to hear this story.  It’s a reflection of the willingness Van Gundy has to succeed and win.  Whether people want to look at it as impartial or not is besides the point for Detroit fans.  This is a sign that their organization is committed to success and will stop at nothing to achieve it.  


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