Could The Pistons Really Earn The 6th Seed?

With five games remaining in what has been arguably the most exciting season for Pistons fans in recent memory, many are wondering what seed the team will be in the 2016 NBA playoffs.

Most pundits say the ceiling for Detroit is the 7th seed but after thoroughly examining the schedule for all of the teams ahead of the Pistons in the standings right now, I came to the conclusion that the 6th seed might not be such a far fetched dream for Detroit.  

At (41-36) right now, the Pistons are tied with Indiana for the last two spots in the eastern conference playoffs.  The Pacers have Cleveland and Toronto remaining on their schedule which at the very least should bring them two more losses before the season ends.  

Miami and Charlotte are tied for the 6th seed right now.  They both are 3.5 games ahead of the Pistons.  The Hornets have a cupcake schedule to end the season but Miami on the other end does not.  Interestingly enough, the Pistons play the Heat two more times before the season ends. In addition, Miami will have to play a red hot Boston Celtics team and a very desperate Chicago Bulls team before the season ends as well.  If Miami loses all those match-ups that were just previously mentioned and if the Pistons win out, the 6th seed is theirs for the taking.  

Winning out for Detroit will not be an easy task.  The only team they play before the season ends that is currently eliminated from playoff contention is the Orlando Magic.  Who is to say Brandon Jennings won’t show up and drop thirty that night though?  

It sounds like a longshot, but stranger things have happened for the team that beat both the Cavs and Warriors this season and lost to Brooklyn and the Lakers.  

It is probably important to mention that the Pistons have not clinched a playoff berth yet.  The 6th seed is still a possibility for the team in the Motor City, but at the same missing the playoffs entirely is as well.  


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