Game Recap: Pistons Disappoint On Home Court

For the third straight game, the Pistons came up with a moral victory.  Tonight it came when the Cavaliers strengthened their series lead to 3-0 when they came up with the real victory 101-91.  

Led by the King of kings, LeBron James, Cleveland once again erased a Detroit lead and came up on top in the 4th quarter.  Up until the last forty four seconds of the game, fans at the Palace believed their beloved team would win game three of the series.  The play that altered everyone’s minds and emotions came at the forty four second mark in the 4th quarter when Kyrie Irving buried a three pointer with 0.7 seconds left on the shot clock.  This bucket put the Cavs up 98-90.

Detroit has hung their hat on strength on the glass all season long.  Head coach Stan Van Gundy has not been pleased with his team’s performance in that facet the past few games.  He told the media, “Rebounding been one of our strengths all year.  It’s been terrible in this series”

Drummond who is known as a double double machine only had seven rebounds tonight.  Cleveland outrebounded the Pistons 46-32 tonight which makes people wonder why the Cavs didn’t win this game by even more.  

The Pistons showed heart and might but at the end of the day lost another game to LeBron James and Co.  

The two teams will play again Sunday night at 8:30pm ET.  The Pistons will try and win their first playoff game since 2008.  


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