Reggie Jackson Blasts Officiating in Game 4

The Pistons fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers 100-98 in Game 4 last night, this ending their NBA Playoff run. That happening, after some shaky officiating throughout the game, and in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. 

Reggie Jackson the victim of the referee’s decision not to blow the whistle, had something to say on the subject. 

“Fines, suspensions, being fired,” Jackson said. “The same thing that happens to us. Make bad plays or questionable (calls), you’re not really being productive to the sport. They should have consequences, just like the players. That’s about (all) I’m going to say on that.” Via/ Mlive

Jackson was unhappy with the officials, and that’ll likely cost him so dough within the next 24 hours. The Pistons lost, wether they deserved to or not, but the focus now shifts to the offseason. 

Featured image via: Detroit Pistons/Twitter 


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