In-Depth Look at Boban Marjanovic


The Pistons have signed Spurs restricted free agent center Boban Marjanovic to a three year $21 million deal. The 7’3, 290 lbs giant comes to Detroit after spending his first NBA season in San Antonio. Boban’s time on the court has been limited so far, but here’s what we know about him.

Obviously, with his massive size, Boban if a force as a rebounder. In 54 games last year he averaged 3.6 rebounds per game in just over nine minutes a night. He’s the kind of guy who can impact the game in a small amount of time. An example of this is when he pulled down 12 rebounds in just 15 minutes of action.

Offensively, Boban scorers mostly on clean up duty. He thrives on put backs and dunks. He will occasionally flip the ball in from just outside the paint, but he’s not a guy who teams will have to play tight to defend against a little jumper. The one shot he is particularly good at is the free throw. Boban the giant shot 73% on 114 attempts from the charity stripe last year. This makes him someone who can come in late in the game for Drummond and still bring a similar presence in the paint.

It is unclear at this time what this move means for Aron Baynes. It could just be a preemptive move with the expectation of him walking away next year, in which case Boban will see limited action this year. However, I’m not convinced that Baynes is a significantly better player. This signing could make Baynes expendable at the trade deadline for a team looking for a little more size and physicality. Regardless of Boban’s role next year, he provides great size and depth off of the Pistons bench.

Featured image via: USA Today Sports

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