Stanley Johnson: “I’m a lot more Confident.”

The Detroit Pistons have been working hard this offseason. Wether they were working out together or individually, they have been putting in work.

Stanley Johnson spoke with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders on what he has been working on this offseason:

“I’m practicing going left, practicing coming off of ball-screens and shooting threes, practicing catching-and-shooting and practicing team defense. Those are some of the things that I’m focused on. … I’m a lot more confident. The work that I’ve done this summer has me feeling like I’ll be able to score from all three levels very efficiently and defend. I’m going to build off of that. [I’ve grown a lot]. Last year, I felt like I was in elementary school and this year, I feel like I’m a senior in high school.”

It has been a very busy offseason for Stanley Johnson. He played with the Pistons in the Orlando Summer League, where he dominated the competition. He also was apart of the Team USA Select Team. After that he went on to win the Drew League championship with his team, BB4L.

The above quote from Johnson is scary. He talks about his confidence getting higher, which, I did not think was possible after he went toe to toe with LeBron James.

Johnson also mentions working on his shooting, specifically his three-point shooting, which is good to hear, as he shot just over 32% from behind the arc last year.

This is a big offseason for Johnson, and from what I’ve seen and what he has been saying, it appears he believes the same.

While Marcus Morris will likely be the starting small forward next year for the Pistons, Johnson is going to battle with him, and likely make Van Gundy think hard about the decision of whom to start, at training camp.

Featured image via: Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports


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