Pistons Make No Deals at Trade Deadline

The 3:00 EST trade deadline has passed and unless the team has managed to keep a trade under wraps, it doesn’t look like the Pistons have made any moves. After weeks of rumors surrounding Detroit listening to offers on their entire team, including Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, it seems there was no deal good enough to convince Stan Van Gundy to pull the trigger. This makes me feel conflicted.

On the positive side….

While this is disappointing is some aspects, I don’t believe this is a bad thing for the Pistons. Detroit keeps their young star at center in Andre Drummond, who is already an elite rebounder and has grown each season offensively. They also don’t give away their point guard whose trade value is the lowest it’s been while with Detroit (and who most would agree his best basketball of this season is still ahead of him). The team also has a number of talented young wing players to work with. Bottom line, this is still a young team with a lot of talent and potential. That’s why there were so many rumors surrounding the Pistons; they have so many assets that other teams want.

On the negative side….

On the other hand, the team didn’t get any better either. This group is three games under .500 with one of the worst offenses in the NBA. It would have been great to see this team add a top end three point shooter to their bench as this has been one of the team’s biggest struggles this year. There were several rumors that Tim Hardaway jr and Brandon Knight were available for a second round pick. Those are the kind one deals I think the Pistons needed to make and didn’t.
Overall, I trust Van Gundy. Every move he has made for the Pistons has been a good one. I think Detroit has enough talent as is to make a little noise as a seven or a six seed in the playoffs. However, I can’t help but feel like there was a move out there that could have helped the team. The Pistons have obvious needs and did nothing to address them at this very underwhelming trade deadline.

Featured image: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

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