Game Recap: Implosion In Cleveland

The Pistons came into Tuesday night’s matchup in Cleveland with a lot of momentum from winning their last few games.  All of that momentum and confidence was squandered when LeBron James and his squad demolished the Pistons 128-96.  

Detroit failed to show much grit even in the early going of this one.  The Cavs led 44-26 at the end of the first quarter.  Cleveland shot 63.3% from behind the arc in the game and 59.7% overall.  LeBron James finished with another triple double.

The Pistons were the polar opposite with their shooting; they shot an abysmal 21.1% from behind the arc and 37.4% overall.

Unfortunately, there is not much else to say about this game other than “the Pistons got their butts whooped”.  Once Detroit witnessed a few Cleveland three pointers go in, they appeared to have given up on the defensive end.  

The Pistons fall to (33-34) and will host the Jazz (42-25) Wednesday night.  


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