2017 POP Season Review: Reggie Jackson

After leading his team to a stellar regular season and playoff performance in the Spring of 2016, Reggie Jackson was looked at by many in the league as a very nice starting point guard.  During training camp before the 2016-2017 season began, doctors announced that Reggie Jackson would miss significant time with knee tendinitis.  Since then, nothing has been the same with the once beloved “RJAX”.

Rarely do young players regress the way Reggie Jackson did this season. Below are the stats.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.42.36 PM

As one can easily see, Jackson put up worse numbers in every major statistical category this year than he did in the previous year.  It’s hard to completely understand this phenomenon.  Some analysts suggest that his tendinitis is the root cause of the disappointing performance this season.  Others like to argue that teams around the league figured out how to properly defend Reggie Jackson.  Jackson routinely calls for a high screen and roll with Center, Andre Drummond and then looks to drive to the basket.  Many teams this season started going under every screen the big man set and dared Jackson to shoot a jump shot.  Reggie’s never been a terrific shooter and his knees didn’t help him improve in that area this season.

Towards the end of the year, the Pistons coaching staff decided to completely shut Reggie Jackson down.  Not only did he not start for the team, he didn’t even play a single minute.  It was unclear what Stan Van Gundy’s intentions exactly were in regards to this decision.  Maybe he thought Jackson would benefit physically from rest.  Some skeptics argue that SVG wanted to protect Jackson’s trade value.

The season of Reggie Jackson brought a lot more uncertainty to the future of the Pistons organization.  It’ll be fascinating to see this offseason whether or not Detroit chooses to stick with the once beloved “RJAX”. 

Featured Image: USATODAY.com

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