2017 POP Scouting Report: Luke Kennard

As the Detroit Pistons get closer and closer to this year’s NBA Draft, let us look at a potential draft pick for the Pistons Luke Kennard. 

Image: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Luke Kennard could be a valuable pick for the Detroit Pistons in this year’s NBA Draft. Kennard, who played for the Blue Devils at Duke University, entered the NBA Draft after an outstanding sophomore year. Kennard signed with NBA agent, Aaron Mintz, who is also the agent of Pistons’ point guard, Reggie Jackson.

Kennard, a shooting guard, is 6’6″ with a wingspan of 6’5″ which is at his disadvantage. The biggest impact Kennard has on the game of basketball is his shooting abilities. It’s also worth noting that he is left-handed. The Pistons only have one left-handed played in Darrun Hilliard. The Pistons need a guy who can consistently shoot the ball and make plays out of nothing and Kennard could be that guy.

In his sophomore season, Kennard averaged 19.5 points per game and shot 43.8 percent from the three. Kennard’s high shooting percentage from beyond the arc is exactly what the Pistons need after being one of the lowest shooting percentage teams from beyond the arc. He is also a fantastic free throw shooter he shot 89 and 86 percent his freshman and sophomore seasons at Duke which could help the Pistons tremendously.

Kennard doesn’t have the body to defend well with a 6’5″ wingspan which you aren’t going to do much with anyway. He also has a lack of speed and explosiveness both offensively and defensively. Kennard athleticism isn’t bad but it’s not good either which is a concern entering this year’s draft.

One of Kennard’s more unique skills is his abilities in the pick and roll game. His growth with his ball-handling, shot creation, and passing has helped him grow as a more threatening two-guard. Per Synergy Sports, of all players with 50 possessions as a pick and roll ballhandler, Kennard averaged 1.06 points per possession. He averaged 2.5 assists per game last season.

You can definitely consider Kennard and above or average shooting guard. He can flat out shoot the ball. Along with his shooting abilities, he’s also great at moving without the ball to create open looks. With his quick shot release, he has the ability to make contested shots which he showed off for the Blue Devils.

With his high IQ and tremendous shooting abilities, Kennard is a great fit for the Pistons. He could definitely help the Pistons out with their shooting struggle both at the free throw line and beyond the arc. Though he struggles on the defensive side of the ball, Coach Stan Van Gundy can help progress his quickness to become a good defender.

Kennard is projected to be the 18th pick in the draft in the latest DraftExpress Mock Draft.

Featured Image: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

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