2017 POP Scouting Report: Jarrett Allen

Should the Pistons draft Jarrett Allen on June 22nd? Image: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the NBA Draft after just one season at Texas, Jarrett Allen should be one of the prospects still on the board when the Pistons are on the clock on June 22nd.

The quickest way to define Allen is raw. He did not break out into the national recruiting scene until just before his senior year of high school. The Pistons would be taking a project if they selected Allen with the 12th pick, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s take a look at what Allen brings to the table.

What stood out to me when watching and scouting Allen was his physical attributes. At the NBA Combine, Allen measured in at just above 6’10” and recorded a 7’5″ wingspan. He is very slim for a big man, as most freshmen are. At the combine, Allen weighed in at 234 pounds. For example, Stanley Johnson, the Pistons small forward, came into the league weighing around 245 pounds. Allen’s physique will play a huge factor in his NBA capabilities. He will be able to add weight, muscle specifically as soon as he starts working with the team that selects him. His length, more specifically, will help him find his niche in the NBA. From his physical measurements, and what he showcased at Texas, Allen’s calling card will likely be on the defensive end.

Allen should develop into an effective rim protector over time, although only averaging 1.5 blocks per game and 1.9 blocks per 40 minutes does cause for concern in that area. Once his body comes to form, he should become much better equipped to become a dangerous wall in the post.

As you can see in the video below, Allen is able to use his length while being patient to swat a shot away.

Another Aspect of Allen’s game that will need a hefty dose of development is his mid-range game. In time, Allen can become a pick-and-pop threat, but it will take time for him to hit mid-range jumpers at an efficient rate.

The video below shows what teams hope Allen can eventually do at the NBA level. While Allen flashed an ability to shoot outside of the paint, he was inconsistent with it. Adding an efficient spot-up short range shot would make Allen much harder to defend.

Allen could spend a good amount of time in the D-League, which would be a good situation for him and his development, as he is still raw and needs minutes to get better.

If I’m the Pistons, I’m passing on Allen. I say that not because I think he is a bad prospect, I actually believe he could become one of, if not the best big man out of this year’s draft class. Detroit just has too many other holes to fill whether it be at point guard, shooting guard, or wing depth in general.

Jarrett Allen is most definitely an intriguing prospect, but Detroit would be best to pass on him come June 22nd.

Featured image: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

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