2017 POP Scouting Report: Frank Ntilikina

Frank Ntilkina has been labeled by many experts as the top foreign player in the draft.  At pick number 12, it’ll be tough for the Pistons to snag the French phenomenon but fans can only hope “Filthy Frank” is still on the board.

Ntilkina stands at 6”5 and possess a freakishly long wingspan of 7”1.  His frame impresses many scouts.  Ntilkina is still quite young at 19 years old so he will have time to bulk up.  

Frank Ntilkina played limited minutes for Strasbourg overseas because of his age, but when he played he showed a lot of promise.  Below is Ntilkina’s shot chart.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.20.55 AM

Ntilkina has several apparent weaknesses.  He lacks a premier passing capability, is ineffective shooter off the dribble, and lacks a quick first step.  His strengths appear to overpower his limitations.  You can check out Ntilkina in action below!


All in all, Ntilkina has one of the highest upsides of anyone in the draft.  Because of the league he played in, it’s difficult for scouts to properly assess his skill set.  Ntilkina could bust or could be the next “Greek Freak”.  He’s a gamble, but his physical tools and frame indicate that Ntilkina has a ceiling higher than almost anyone in the draft.  For most teams, especially Detroit, he’s a risk worth taking.

Featured Image: http://www.nbadraftroom.com