Report: Sacramento Kings Interested in Andre Drummond

Could Andre Drummond be traded away during tonight’s NBA Draft? Matt Dery, a former Detroit radio host tweeted out today that he has heard from a “pretty reliable source” that the Sacramento Kings are showing “big interest” in Drummond.

He went on to later report that the trade talks have involved Sacramento’s 10th overall pick along with shooting guard Aron Afflalo. There have been no reported discussions on the Pistons acquiring Sacramento’s 5th overall pick. Afflalo is a 31-year-old shooting guard who has made his way around the league a fair share since entering the league. He has one year remaining on his current contract, paying him $12,500,000 for the 2017-2018 season. Obviously, Afflalo wouldn’t be part of the Pistons future plans so it’s expected he would be waived if he is indeed dealt to Detroit.

Considering Afflalo is waived, the Pistons would essential be dealing Andre Drummond in exchange for the 10th pick in the draft. This would leave the Pistons with the 10th and 12th overall pick giving them several different options to choose from.

Obviously, the Pistons could choose the route where they keep both picks. It’s reasonable that Gonzaga big man Zach Collins would be available with the 10th pick and he would be the perfect stretch four for Stan Van Gundy’s offense. With the 12th pick, they then would have a pretty good chance at landing Donavan Mitchell out of Louisville or Luke Kennard out of Duke. Mitchell would bring versatility and defense, and Stan Van Gundy loves both. Kennard is a little different, he’s not very athletic and has a short wingspan but a lot of scouts believe he can be a very good scorer in the NBA, which again, the Pistons could use another pure scorer on their roster. Adding two unproven rookies, and losing the “franchise centerpiece” might not be the best recipe for improvement, and it doesn’t help that Van Gundy doesn’t generally give his rookies a lot of leeway and playing time.

The Pistons other option would be to move one of the picks, or maybe even both. The Spurs have been reported to have an interest in moving up into the top 10 in the draft, and the Pistons could throw in a player or two if they have any interest in any of the Spurs pieces, say Danny Green or LaMarcus Aldridge. Along with all these crazy scenarios, a great possibility would be they could package Reggie Jackson with the picks in attempt to move up in the draft, or acquire a “win-now” veteran. As everyone has probably heard before, the Pistons have shopped Jackson and have brought up the idea of acquiring a win-now veteran through the draft.

Obviously, this is all speculation and there’s a good possibility Andre Drummond is still on the Pistons’ roster at the end of the night. The deal does seem to make sense for both sides though, as Sacramento would replace Cousins with a 23-year-old big man in Drummond, and the Pistons would shed a max contract to get multiple young players. Drummond is a hard commodity to trade right now mostly because of his massive contract and his play not living up to it, so if this trade is on the table tonight, the Pistons should pull the trigger.

Featured Image: Elsa/Getty Images

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