POP Roundtable: Reacting to the Avery Bradley Trade

The Detroit Pistons acquired Avery Bradley today in a deal that sent Marcus Morris to the Boston Celtics. The PalaceOfPistons crew reacted to the trade.

Dylan Edenfield(@EdenfieldSports)

This was really an out of nowhere trade for Detroit, and knowing they are hard capped and need to shed salary, we know there will be a corresponding move. However, this looks like a steal for the Pistons, as they bring in an elite defender and capable offensive player in Avery Bradley, who, while isn’t as young as the rest of the core, is still just 26 years old. With the depleted Eastern Conference, Bradley has the potential to be an all-star level player in Detroit. Even if the Pistons don’t re-sign KCP, they will have to worry about Bradley’s looming free agency next offseason, which I’m guessing they plan on trying to re-sign him after trading for him. In the end, the Pistons acquired Bradley and a 2019 second rounder for a 2020 second rounder, low risk-high reward move to me.

J.T Olson(@IceWaterOlson)

This was an interesting and fairly even trade for the Pistons. Bradley is a great perimeter defender and a great three point shooter. Fit wise, he’s perfect for what SVG wants this team to be. However, the Pistons are saying goodbye to a lot to make this move. They are sending Morris, who is a good defender and a leader in the locker room, to Boston as part of the deal. This move also means that they probably won’t be bringing back Caldwell-Pope after taking more money onto their books in this move. That feels like a lot to give up for a guy on a one-year deal. The 2019 second round pick to Detroit helps this deal, but they’ll need to sign Bradley to an extension (and one that doesn’t break the bank) for me to really be on board with this move. Otherwise, it feels like it is just a salary dump to get an expiring contract.

Mike Anguiano(@SixthMan_Mike)

A great trade for the Pistons. With Boston feeling the pressure to shed salary for sign Gordon Hayward, Detroit swooped in and acquired a solid player. Bradley had career highs in points, assists, and rebounds per game while providing tenacious defense. Detroit trading Marcus Morris is a bittersweet move, but Bradley is a better player. This also means Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is likely gone, though if Detroit can manage to keep both they would have great perimeter defense in an era where three-pointers are king. This is a good trade for the Pistons not only because it helps Detroit, but it weakens Boston too.

Aaron Johnson(@AJohnsonNBA)

I’m quite confused by Detroit’s trade to acquire Avery Bradley. He’s going to be 27 next season and will be an unrestricted free agent looking for a big payday. This also means that the Pistons might be moving on from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, which I am absolutely not a fan of. Losing Marcus Morris also creates a gap at small forward, which means as of now Stanley Johnson will likely be their starting three next season. Bottom line, Detroit is not done dealing. We’ll just have to wait and see how this trade pans out.

Featured Image: Jim Davis/Getty Images)

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