Aron Baynes Details Why He Joined Celtics

The Detroit Pistons lost a key defensive player this offseason when Aron Baynes decided to join the Boston Celtics. He took less money from Boston than what his player option was worth with Detroit.

Baynes clarified why he signed with Boston, with one reason being that he did not see a bigger role for him in Detroit behind Andre Drummond.

From Jay King of Mass Live:

“I definitely think being in the NBA, everyone always wants to play more,” Baynes said. “I think if you don’t want to play more then you’re not in the right spot. So yeah, I’m excited for the opportunity. And hopefully I can go out there and earn some minutes. We’ll see if what I bring is what Brad wants. I’m hoping it is and I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’d say that was definitely a part of (leaving Detroit),” Baynes added. “Like I said, you always want to be able to play more. I didn’t see myself having much more of a bigger role than what I’d had over the last couple of years. So I’m always trying to expand my game in terms of what I can do on the floor. And with opportunity comes the ability to do that. So yeah, that’s definitely a part of it for sure.”

Baynes could potentially start for the Celtics if they decide to use a bigger lineup. If not, then he would come off the bench, backing up Al Horford. Baynes averaged 4.9 points and 4.4 rebounds in 15.5 minutes per game last season.

Featured Image: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

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