Game Preview: “Who won the trade” Match vs. Clippers.

Tonight the Detroit Pistons (27-26) will continue their homestand with a game against the LA Clippers (27-25) in a game that will be nationally televised on ESPN.

This will be the first time Blake Griffin plays against the team who drafted him and where he had spent his entire NBA career. Tobais Harris, Boban Marjanovic, and Avery Bradley don’t have the history with the Pistons that Griffin does with the Clippers but they will likely have some extra ammo as well.

Both teams are undefeated with their new players, although the Pistons won their game while waiting for the new arrivals while the Clippers lost that night. The Pistons are looking for their sixth straight win while the Clippers are looking for their third straight.

Griffin has thrived since arriving in Detroit and so have many of his new teammates. Drummond has improved on what was already a great season, while Stanley Johnson has looked like a totally different player.

The Clippers have only played two games with their new acquisitions, Tobias Harris has played well in those two games though, and they still have enough fire-power on the roster to stay afloat especially since DeAndre Jordan was not moved at the deadline.

It has not been officially decided, but it would be a surprise if the Pistons newest members, Jameer Nelson and James Ennis, ended up playing tonight as they will still have to pass their physicals.


Feature Photo: Harry Howe/Getty Images.


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