Report: Pistons get James Ennis from Memphis.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Pistons have traded the newly acquired Brice Johnson and a second round pick for 27-year old swingman James Ennis.

This comes as the second deal of the day after the Pistons acquired Jameer Nelson earlier in the day.

Brice Johnson has only been with the Pistons a short time and did not appear in any games. He was an additional piece the Pistons received as part of the Blake Griffin trade.

Ennis is on an expiring contract and it will allow the Pistons to just barely dodge the luxury tax this season. Ennis is a career 37% three point shooter and a good athlete. At six feet seven inches, he is big enough to play either forward spot if needed. He brings some stability to a wing rotation that found itself pretty thin following the Blake Griffin trade.


Featured Image: Leon Hallip/Getty Images.



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