G-League Announces Salary Raise

The NBA G-League announced a salary increase for players in a press release on Tuesday, April 17. Salaries will be increased to $7,000 per month, which will means that players will be able to earn $35,000 over the 5 month season.

This is another good step toward making the G-League a full minor league. One of the problems with the league has been that the pay is so low that it rarely made sense for players to stay stateside if they could get a contract overseas.

In addition to the two-way contracts, more players that are borderline NBA talents are likely to stay state-side and some will get their chance and break into the NBA. The Pistons had an example of this with Dwight Buycks this season.

Buycks has had a successful career overseas in Belgium, France, and China. He was lured back to the states by the prospect of a two-way contract and he proved he could play.




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