Report: Pistons Waive Dwight Buycks

The Detroit Pistons have completed a long-awaited move in waiving Dwight Buycks.


Buycks joined the Pistons last year as a two-way player, and was later signed to a standard contract. After Reggie Jackson was injured he spent time in and out of the rotation but by the time Reggie Jackson returned, Buycks was the preferred option.

Buycks appeared in 29 games, played 14.7 minutes per game and scored 7.4 points with 2 assists.

Cutting Buycks will save the Pistons about $1.6 million, a move which was almost certain to happen after the Pistons signed Jose Calderon. The saving of money will also bring Detroit back down under the luxury tax, at least for now.


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