Poll: Grading the Pistons’ Offseason Decisions?

The Detroit Pistons have had a rather busy offseason compared to the one many had anticipated the franchise to be having. Detroit added a draft pick in this year’s draft and has made multiple roster changes in free agency while having little financial; flexibility.

The Pistons added Khyri Thomas and Bruce Brown through the draft in June. They acquired the ability to draft Khyri Thomas by trading to future second-round picks.

In free agency, the team has come to deals with Glenn Robinson III, Jose Calderon, and Zaza Pachulia. They also signed guard Kennan Evans to a two-way contract.

To clear cap space and roster spots for these players, Detroit waived Dwight Buycks and Eric Moreland.

Taking into account all of these roster changes, was this summer successful for Detroit? Grade the Pistons’ offseason decisions in our poll below.

Want to give reasoning to your grading of Detroit’s offseason? Leave a comment explaining why you chose the grade you gave Detroit.

Featured Image: Andy Lyons/Getty Images


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