2018-2019 POP Season Preview: Glenn Robinson III Poised for Successful Season

During the offseason, the Detroit Pistons added depth to the wing position when they signed Glenn Robinson III to a favorable two-year contract. Robinson, the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winner and former Michigan Wolverine, is a freaky athletic, modern 3-and-D wing that has shown promise as a solid three-point shooter and defensive menace.

Last year Robinson missed 56 games after a nasty ankle injury but now is fully recovered. In his last full season with the Indiana Pacers in 2016-17, Robinson averaged 6.1 points and 3.6 rebounds in just 20.7 minutes per game but most importantly,  shot 39.2 percent from behind the arc. Robinson’s biggest strengths are his ability to shoot three’s and finish at the rim, both staples in Pistons new offense.

Coming into this year Robinson had his eyes set on the starting small forward position but as of now, Stanley Johnson is expected to start. Regardless, with the league trending towards more and more wings playing simultaneously, and the fact that Robinson fits very well into Coach Casey’s system, means he will see the court at a career high this year.

Stanley Johnson commented on their playing situation after first the preseason game.

“I think we all compete hard with each other and I think we all have a lot of things that we can bring to the table,” Johnson said. “A lot of teams don’t have that deep of a wing corps. I’m interested to see how much we can excel in our individual parallels. It’s going to be big for us to grow along with Blake and Andre (Drummond) and give something every night. If it’s not me, it’s Glenn; if it’s not Glenn, somebody has to give something every night. I think it’ll be fun just figuring that out and growing together. We’re all young players, we’re all trying to help each other and we’re growing.”

Overall, Robinson will need to stay healthy and improve his defense in order to take over the starting spot but luckily for him, he should have plenty of opportunities this year in the Motor City.

You can read PalaceOfPistons’ exclusive interview with Robinson III here.

Featured Image: Alonzo Adams, USA TODAY Sports


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