The Pistons Must get Blake Griffin Help

At the start of December, the Detroit Pistons were 12-7 and sitting pretty in the top four of the Eastern Conference. They would host Golden State on December 1st and they would win that game to improve to 13-7 on the season. And then the wheels fell off. Detroit would lose six in a row and end up finishing 4-12 in the month of December.

It is 2019 now, and Detroit is still losing games. After giving up an eighteen point lead to Utah at home on Saturday night, Detroit sits at 17-20 and out of the playoffs, as they are currently the 9th seed. One thing is for sure, Blake Griffin is the heart, soul, brains, and whatever other term you want to use to describe the good of this team. He continues night in and night out to be a force, averaging over twenty-five points a game currently.

Outside of Blake though, Detroit isn’t just struggling to find consistency, they may have thrown the whole concept of being a playoff team out the window. The Pistons have something special in Blake Griffin and to stay with their current roster would be an extreme waste of his prime. The team is pretty restricted cap wise and it may be hard to get teams to bite on some of their players because of what they are owed.

Although, teams have been interested in Andre Drummond before and it’s time to give up on the Dre Drummond experiment. Having the best rebounder in basketball sounds nice in theory, but no playoff wins and just one playoff appearance with him as the centerpiece of the franchise displays the rut the team is stuck in with him playing such a vital role. His inability to play night in and night out on a consistent basis has hindered his tenure in Detroit as well. He is a good player, but not good enough.

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The Washington Wizards may just be a few losses away from blowing the whole thing up officially and go into a full rebuild mode. If you are able to steal Bradley Beal away from them, he’s worth the price. A consistent twenty point scorer and a career almost forty percent 3-point shooter, Beal would be the most ideal running mate for Blake Griffin. Beal’s contract is pretty similar to Drummond’s, so if you are able to convince Washington to take on Drummond’s contract, or most likely find a third trade partner, I believe this is a move that helps Detroit win now and later.

Kemba Walker is a player that’s name is constantly in and out of trade talks and Pistons fans alike drool over the thought of Walker in the Motor City. With Charlotte also being a fringe playoff team this might be an impossible trade for the Pistons to make as owner of the Hornets, Michael Jordan, has been very reluctant to give Walker up. Most likely this involves Detroit losing another first round pick, which at this point isn’t as detrimental as it sounds. Outside of Drummond, Detroit hasn’t been able to draft exceptionally well in the past ten plus years, Bruce Brown might be an exception, so giving up a pick to acquire Walker almost seems like a no-brainer for Detroit.

Because we are talking hypothetically and seeing how badly the Pistons need another scorer, Tobias Harris making a return to Detroit would be a dream-like move and might solve more problems than you think. When Harris was in Detroit he was forced to be “the guy” and with Blake assuming that role, he wouldn’t have nearly as much pressure as before and would help spread the floor and open things up more for Griffin. He might come at a cheaper price than Beal and Walker, especially with the rumors of LA making a push for high-end free agents this upcoming summer.

In all these scenarios, Detroit will most likely have to involve a third team in some way to free up cap space. With how crazy trades have become in recent years, I would never count out the possibility of this team getting better because I am afraid if they stand pat, the Pistons will be stuck in basketball limbo for the foreseeable future.

Featured Image: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports