Point Guard Position No Longer A Worry For Detroit

Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the Las Vegas Summer League firmly in the rear view mirror and free agency buzz dying away, NBA fans are now looking inward for news and entertainment during the dog days of summer. Fear not Pistons fans, this article is one of positivity regarding next season and is full of red and blue Kool-Aid. This may be a touch of an exaggeration, but there are reasons to at least be cautiously hopeful going into this upcoming year.

The topic of today is the point guard position and, namely, why we as Pistons fans should no longer clutch our chest or insert a certain “Grand Theft Auto” meme whenever Reggie Jackson or whomever his back up is comes off the court. In fact we can smile a little knowing that our second unit is in good hands when Reggie or even D-Rose is not on the floor. Or we can just smile knowing we won’t ever have to see Jose Calderon step foot on the court again wearing a Pistons uniform. (No offense Jose)

So Why The Optimism?

I’m glad you asked friend! First off, allow me to direct your attention to two free agent signings the Pistons made this offseason. The primary one that everyone knows about is Derrick Rose of course.

As many other brilliant Piston minds have already pointed out before me, this is a great signing for the team from the Motor City. Given some of the contracts thrown at decent to average point guards this offseason (I’m looking at you Ricky Rubio), signing Rose for 2 years and $15 million looks to be a bargain. If Rose can give the Pistons 70+ games about 25 minutes a night, that’s reason enough to be happy.

However, the Pistons front office wasn’t just content with signing Rose. They went out and made sure we would not have another Jose Calderon situation. We saw what happened last year when Ish Smith went down. Reggie would sit and Calderon would come in with minimal success. Ed Stefanski was clearly determined to not have that happen again, so they went out and signed former Pelicans and Bucks point guard Tim Frazier.

Frazier is a solid three point shooter and has shown the potential to break out for big stat lines. (Look up Tim Frazier, 29 points if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Moving from Calderon to Frazier as the third string point guard for the Pistons is a strong move. Even if injuries hit, Frazier has shown he is capable of stepping into a larger role and doing his job.

Now you may be sitting there and thinking to yourself, “You know what, this guy is totally right. Frazier and Rose will bring great depth and can push for larger roles with strong play! Is there any other reason to be hopeful about the point guard position? Surely not, right?”

Well, Pistons fan, you are wrong! There are more reasons to be optimistic about the point guard position in Detroit.

That additional little bit of “hopium” is courtesy of Jordan Bone and Bruce Brown. The Pistons made a trade with the 76ers to nab Bone at the end of the second round to add a two-way player to their squad. If you missed it, Bone absolutely crushed combine testing. He showed speed and bounce that the Pistons clearly liked enough to trade back into the draft for him. In limited Summer League time, he showed poise and a smooth jumper that could definitely help him push for a roster spot.

Meanwhile Brown showed out in Summer League play. His intelligent decision making and quickness off the dribble led to big-time stat lines. This of course was headlined by his triple-double performance. Brown showed us a different side to his game this summer. With his strides and the reasons listed above, we as Pistons fans have reason for believe in our point guards.

Featured Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America


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