POP 2019-2020 Season Preview: Langston Galloway in a Crossroads Year with Detroit

Langston Galloway (left) is someone out staff writers expect to be traded if he doesn’t start to play better. (Brian Sevald/NBAE)

Guard Langston Galloway is at a crossroads as a member of the Detroit Pistons. In what was largely considered a bad contract, Detroit is now looking to make a decision on Galloway – and if he can be a regular contributor to a probable playoff team in the Eastern Conference.

The 27-year-old averaged 8.4 points and 2.1 rebounds per game last season, but was not a tremendously efficient player considering what he is being paid – $7.33 million. That may not sound like a tremendous amount of money, but the cap strapped Pistons are in a win-now mode and every dollar counts. As it stands, he is the fifth-highest paid player on the team. Yikes.

As for what Galloway will provide for the ‘19-‘20 season, the hope is some consistency and separation. That is, separation from the other players who are breathing down his throat for playing time.

It is very possible that we have seen the pinnacle of Langston Galloway, in that what we saw last season is what to expect. The numbers from last season are actually quite a bit better from his first season in the Motor City. Those were per game averages of 6.2 points and 1.6 rebounds while only appearing in 58 games. He shot worse from the floor too, both inside and outside the arc.

So, given that Galloway, has improved in his short time with Detroit, can we expect those numbers to go up? Well, probably not, considering that his numbers last season are right around his career averages:

Trends say that Langston Galloway probably will not improve much next season, if at all, considering last year was essentially his career averages.

The hope for Galloway is that he can forge a role with the second unit and be a secondary playmaker like his early New York Knicks days. He averaged 3.3 assists per game in his rookie season and 2.5 assists per game in his second season. Some additional playmaking for a second unit that is probably going to have Derrick Rose on it will need some shot creation help.

Being that the Pistons are what they are, some shooting would help too. Galloway posted the best eFG% of his career last season, a number that will be tough to replicate. His most efficient shot was a mid range jump shot at a 45.3% clip, the highest of his career by a wide margin. However, only 9% of his total shots taken came from this range. Meanwhile, 64.7% of his field goal attempts came from 3-point land. On those 3-point attempts, he shot 35.5% which is simply not good enough for a player who does not offer playmaking to help create for others.

It is going to be tough sledding for Galloway, and our staff thinks he is the most likely player to be traded this season. Detroit will be looking at every avenue to improve their roster, especially if the team gets out to a hot start. Galloway will have to prove his worth on a roster with young, interesting talent at his position.


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