Palace Of Pistons Rewind Week 2: Andre Drummond is Carrying the Pistons Right Now

The Pistons have had quite the week. While Christian Wood and Bruce Brown had nice standout performances in new roles, no Pistons player has been nearly as consistently impressive as Andre Drummond.

What Andre is doing is remarkable. Averages of 22 points and 19 rebounds per game through the team’s first 7 games are unprecedented numbers. As we all know, Drummond is in a contract year, and he is surely earning that supermax he so desires from the Pistons. He’s already said it’s in his plans to resign with Detroit, so now we just wait for more insane performances throughout the year.

The team desperately needs Andre to keep being Andre, especially in a week with no Blake and no Reggie. Detroit plays against the Wizards, Knicks, and Pacers this week, so hopefully, I’ll have some nice things to say in next week’s POP rewind.


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