Jalen Rose Hopes to Eventually be a Minority Owner of the Pistons

Jalen Rose is a Michigan man as both a native and as an athlete, and he wants to continue that through being a minority owner with the Detroit Pistons. (Mitchell Layton/Getty)

Michigan man and former NBA player Jalen Rose says he would like to eventually be a minority owner of the Detroit Pistons. In an interview with Richard Deitsch of The Athletic, Rose expressed his desire to be in that posion and bring some things to the table that current ownership does not possess.

“I would love to be a minority owner with the Detroit Pistons,” Rose said. “They play downtown at Little Caesars Arena, and I feel like there is a wealth of things that I can bring to the table.”

“I love their owner, Tom Gores, who is also a supporter of JRLA (Jalen Rose Leadership Academy) and a friend of mine. He and his wife have been terrific to me. (Pistons executive) Arn Tellem is my former agent in the NBA and I applaud him bringing a team downtown. That’s something that stood out to me. “

The Pistons are 26th in the NBA in home attendance (15,830) and the Red Wings are 5th (18,830). Detroit as a city has been trying to evolve the downtown section with the opening of Little Caesar’s Arena as a multi-sport complex. Adding somone like Rose could bring a different professional opinion and set of ideas to reach that goal. But there are other career options for the current ESPN personality.

“Another career opportunity that may or may not present itself could be coaching on the collegiate and/or professional level. So those probably are a handful of things, as I continue to plant seeds and continue to try to be one of the best at what I do, those potentials have crossed my mind. But I love working for ABC and ESPN, and if they’ll have me, I’ll do this until I’m Hubie’s Brown’s age.”

Rose is a Detroit native and a former Michigan Wolverine, though he never played for the Pistons in his 13-year NBA career. He did play for Denver, Indiana, Chicago, Toronto, New York, and Phoenix.


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  1. Jason Blanchard says:

    I think that it would bring newness and a freshness to the area and to the team, he could help bring a different view of the city of Detroit and it’s sports to possible FAs and make this a more enticing destination for them. This would be a win-win for the Detroit Pistons and for the city of Detroit itself, and I mean come on its Jalen Freakin Rose man, one of the smoothest players I have ever seen. He is like a smoother more athletic Kris Middleton. They just seem to float around in an unassuming way with more athleticism than you would think then boom they are past you and at the bucket and now you back up a little and now they shoot over you so you bring help and then woosh there goes a bounce pass from the top of the key to a cutting player for the jam.


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