REPORT: Pistons Considering Randle and Ntilikina

With the Pistons swimming in trade rumors at the moment, Pistons Twitter has had the trade machines rolling. Aspirations for first-rounders and young talent are in the air, and fans are eyeing a strong rebuild.

However, according to Vince Ellis, that may not be the case.

Ellis states that the Pistons are heavily chasing a first-round pick, part of the reason that trade talks with Atlanta have been stalled, per Sam Amick.

However, that isn’t stopping the Pistons from looking at young talent across the league. One of the potential suitors for Drummond is New York, and the Pistons have eyes on Frank Ntilikina and Julius Randle, according to Ellis.

“The source [with insight into the Knicks’ front office} said it was the Pistons who initiated discussions with a package centered around Drummond and another Pistons player for big man Julius Randle and guard Frank Ntilikina, a player the Pistons have previously tried to pry from the Knicks,” Ellis said.

Image: Will Newton/Getty Images


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