REPORT: Trade Talks With Suns Have Reached Stalemate, Per Woj

The Detroit Pistons and Phoenix Suns have reached a stalemate over a trade package involving Luke Kennard and the Suns’ first round pick, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The Pistons recently got into serious talks with the Suns about trading the young gunner for draft position. However, the Pistons and Suns are struggling with where the protection on the pick would go.

Detroit ideally would want as little of a protection as possible on the pick, since it would make the move less risky for the Pistons, who’d lose the pick to the Suns depending on where the protection lies.

With the trade deadline looming, time is running out for the Pistons to make a decision on a trade. Detroit has expressed that all players on the roster are open for trade, according to The Athletic.

Image: Michael McLoone/USA Today Sports


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