VIDEO: Christian Wood 2019-2020 Mixtape

In July of 2019, the Detroit Pistons claimed Christian Wood off waivers, following the New Orleans Pelicans decision to let the 24 year-old big man go. Wood was not guaranteed a roster spot nor a contract, and through the offseason Wood fought for every opportunity. Wowing fans in his pre-season performances, Wood quickly became a fan-favorite. By the time the season was ready to begin, Wood beat out veteran, Joe Johnson, for the Pistons’ final roster spot.

Since then , Christian Wood has continued to seize every opportunity, and maintain the same intensity he came into the season with. The 24 year-old found himself as the Pistons first-option once the trade-deadline had settled. Since then, he has found himself amidst Most Improved Player discussions, and is now almost a sure-fire for a large payday come free-agency.

Our video puts a spotlight on the Pistons’ biggest bright spot of the season, Christian Wood. Adding a Pop Smoke soundtrack to Wood’s highlights, our mixtape intends to deliver the same intensity and grit featured in Wood’s play style.


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