POP Podcast Episode 106: Arnie Kander Discusses COVID-19, Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, ‘Goin’ to Work’ Pistons

On this special edition of The Palace Of Pistons Podcast, Aaron Johnson is joined by Arnie Kander of the Detroit Pistons to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, his current work with the Pistons as a medical consultant, what brought him back to Detroit, the health of Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose, his special relationship with Reggie Jackson, and so much more.

Kander joined the Pistons as one of the first full-time strength and conditioning coaches in the NBA in 1992. He chronicles his years with the Pistons in this exclusive interview, including his time with the ‘Goin’ to Work’ Pistons that won the championship in 2004.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview and hope that everyone is staying safe, healthy, and practicing social distancing.

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