Pistons’ Rookie Devidas Syrvidas Signs Deal with Jerusalem

Devidas Syrvidas has signed a long term deal with Hapoel Bank Yahav Jerusalem.

The Pistons’ rookie had only played in the Summer League for the Pistons in 2019, averaging 1.8 points in his short stint. He is still able to join the NBA, and the Pistons, however this does not seem to be in his immediate future.

Many had criticized the Pistons for drafting Syrvidas, as they had opted to trade the 30th pick (Kevin Porter Jr.) in a convoluted path to drafting a prospect, who was expected to not play in the 2019-2020 season.

For comparison, Porter Jr averaged 10 points per game in his rookie season, while Syrvidas has yet to touch an NBA court. Whether or not Syrvidas proves to be another miss, in the Pistons long history of fumbled draft picks, is yet to be seen. The answer to that question is a ways away, as Syrvidas’ new deal shows.


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