REPORT: Pistons Offer Rapper J. Cole Tryout for NBA Contract

J. Cole? Jermaine? Cole? The real is back, the ville is back, flow bananas, peel this back, here?


I’m not even making this up, the Pistons have offered J. Cole a tryout for a NBA contract on Twitter this Monday.

According to Master P, a legend for being both a rapper/NBA player for the Toronto Raptors, Cole has interest in trying to secure a spot on a NBA roster. The Pistons look to make that interest into a reality.

While lots of rappers love to talk about their ability to play the game, Cole has actual bite to back up the bark. Cole was a walk-on on a D1 program, St. John’s University, before ultimately giving up basketball to pursue his rap career.

Cole has several videos of himself training alongside veteran NBA trainer Chris Brickley, as well as videos of him playing against NBA competition in Brickley’s open runs.

If Cole managed to secure a spot on the Pistons’ rotation, that would be A.) awesome and B.) one of the weirdest signings in NBA history. I don’t know whether to be really excited or completely lost on the direction of this organization, but that’s life as a Pistons fan!


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