Palace of Pistons Roundtable: What Should the Pistons Do?

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International prospect Killian Hayes (above) is a perfect fit with the Pistons, but can Detroit extract more value out of the seventh-overall pick? (Harry Langer/DeFodi via Getty Images)

Finally, the NBA Draft has a date in place. Non-bubble teams are set to practice this month, their first action together in months. With some things in place, we can finally start speculating on things. What do the Detroit Pistons do with the seventh-overall pick? There is smoke that new General Manager Troy Weaver would move up in the draft, certainly something that would require giving up another asset or two. Or they could play it safe a take a player like Killian Hayes that fits what need right now – a young point guard. I asked our guys to go through what they think the Pistons should do with the pick, whether that be a trade or a selection.

Most mock drafts from major publications seem to have the same picks for one, two, and three. Anthony Edwards is widely going number one overall, though he is far from a complete player. There are questions regarding his motor and if he has more than just pure strength. LaMelo Ball at number two is pretty common, with some mocks having him go number one. Ball is also an unfinished product with some excellent length and a tight handle, but he shot poorly in Australia. James Wiseman was regarded as the best prospect heading into the previous college basketball season, but he only played a handful of games and big men are in a strange place within the current NBA landscape. Realistically, the Pistons could put together a package to move up to two for Ball. But is that the right course of action?

Dylan Edenfield – Staff Writer

“While obviously I wanted Detroit to move up in this year’s draft, I wasn’t too devastated when they ended up with the seventh-overall selection. The 2020 class does not have a true, obvious superstar, and the Pistons will still have an array of options when it’s their turn to pick. I’d prefer a point guard that can lead the team in the future (Hayes, Tyrese Haliburton) but would also be fine with another high-upside piece (Onyeka Okongwu, Devin Vassell, or Isaac Okoro). I really don’t want to give up assets to move up, but would be fine moving down a few spots at the right price.”

Jacob Rogers – Staff Writer

“If I’m in Troy Weaver’s shoes, I’m staying put at pick seven. In my opinion, there is not anyone in this draft worth trading a bunch of future assets to move up for. Sure LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman are the “big” names in this draft, but there’s really no prospect in the top-10 that is a step above the others to me. At seven, I’m taking the best player available regardless of position. It’s time for Detroit to embrace the rebuild and bring in some young guys. Whether that player be a center in Okongwu or a point guard in Hayes and Haliburton, Detroit needs to stay put at seven and take the best player available.”

Tim Forkin – Video Coordinator, Staff Writer

“I’d like to see the Pistons keep their pick and draft Devin Vassell from Florida State. Looking around at these playoff teams, they all have had big wings who can play lockdown defense and shoot threes at a high clip. I think Troy Weaver seeks out those guys by looking at his draft history in Oklahoma City. Vassell is a name that will not make a splash and will likely be knocked by the casual Pistons fans who aren’t highly educated. But I believe Vassell is the real deal. The Pistons need to hit on a star, but I think someone like Vassell is super important and fills a need for Detroit: a big wing who can play defense and space the floor. “

“I’d also like to see the Pistons try to trade for another pick in the first round, in the late lottery or late twenties. This draft feels like it is going to be crazy in terms of not knowing what you’re getting from a guy. I think there are some real hidden gems in this draft: Aleksej Pokusevjski, Tyrell Terry, Xavier Tillman and Cassius Winston. I would be super pumped if we made a good selection at seven and then brought in one of the guys who feels more surefire like the players I listed.”

Donovan Collins – Staff Writer

“The Pistons need a guard. Derrick rose is not going to be here long and Bruce Brown obviously isn’t the point guard of the future. We need a killer. I want someone that can come down and have full confidence to come down and create their own shot.”

“I’m not high on LaMelo… he has decent potential because he’s a good shifty ball handler, but I just see a flashy player who can make some nice passes and who can’t shoot well (25% from deep in the Australian League). Killian is alright, but he doesn’t exactly leave me blown away, regardless of age and potential. I just don’t see it. With Halliburton, he has an awkward jumper and while I see that he can get into the lane and be a playmaker, there’s a short ceiling on guys like that. He needs to hit the weight room a little bit for being his size and he needs to work on his pull-up jumper. Essentially, he needs to be a threat from everywhere. The Pistons need a game changer, period. I want the player that can do a little bit of everything. I just don’t see many players like that in the draft who can end up being a “problem” in the NBA. I could be wrong though, so for me it’s either trade up or trade away a pick for a future 1st rounder and a prospect or for a decent young player with potential that could fit and get minutes. But, if they keep the pick, get Halliburton and work him in.”

Detroit has some real options heading into the NBA Draft, but there is a fine tightrope that must be walked. They have a ton of cap space and a few trade-worthy assets like Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. In the next roundtable we will discuss what the offseason will look like, or at least whatever will be left of it before next season begins.


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