REPORT: Teams Inquiring with Pistons About Blake Griffin

Image: Carlos Osorio/Associated Press

The 2020 NBA offseason is shaping up to be one of the most interesting ones in a while for the Detroit Pistons with, what looks to be, a full-blown rebuild imminent. There have been reports that the Los Angeles Lakers have been inquiring about Derrick Rose, and now Blake Griffin’s name has entered the trade market.

According to Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post, several teams have reached out to him and Detroit regarding Griffin’s knee and his overall health. During his 10-year NBA career, Griffin has dealt with a multitude of injuries, leading to eight surgeries throughout his career.

After making the All-NBA third team in 2019, Griffin did not do much for Detroit in 2019-20 as he dealt with a nagging knee injury, that eventually led to surgery after only 18 games. Now with a healthy knee, teams are asking about adding the six-time All-Star to their team.

One trade posed by Bill Simmons of The Ringer was:

DET Receives: Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, 2020 1st Round Pick #2

GSW Receives: Blake Griffin, 2020 1st Round Pick #7

In this trade, the Pistons rid themselves of the rest of Griffin’s two-year, $75 million contract and add a young player in Jordan Poole, the former first-overall pick in Andrew Wiggins, and the second pick in the draft where they can pick anyone they want.

Another trade pitched to Lowe from an unnamed executive is:

DET Receives: Mike Conley, Draft Compensation

UTA Receives: Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose

Here Detroit moves their two veterans to bring on an expiring deal, get some picks, and add $7 million in cap space.

If Griffin is healthy, he could be a huge trade piece for a team looking to add more pieces to make a championship run.


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