New Pistons “Motor City” Jerseys Leaked

According to @camisasdenba, it appears that an alternate jersey for the Pistons’ 2020-21 season has been leaked.

The tweet translates to, “Here are the first images of the new alternative uniform from DETROIT PISTONS, probably part of the City Edition collection. “Motor City” remains the theme. The center strips have been moved to the side panel. The main novelty is the logo in circular shape.”

This is the first alternate jersey to be released for the Pistons’ upcoming season. It seems as if one more jersey will be released in the coming weeks, as other teams have already begun rolling out promotional materials and images of their players in multiple new uniforms.

The Pistons aren’t far away from officially moving over into the 2020-21 season, as the NBA and NBPA are expected to reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement in the coming days ahead of Nov. 18’s 2020 NBA Draft.

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