REPORT: Pistons to Un-Retire Number 2 and Give to Cade Cunningham

The Detroit Pistons have made the decision to un-retire #2, which was retired in the name of late head coach Chuck Daly, and give the number to Cade Cunningham with the permission of the Daly family, according to Ryan Slocum.

For the weeks leading up to the draft, questions arose about whether or not Cunningham would get the number after wearing it for his entire basketball career. Fans debated over whether Daly should’ve had the number 2 retired in the first place, given that he wasn’t a player for Detroit.

The number 2 was retired in Daly’s honor to represent the two championships Daly won with the renowned Bad Boy Pistons. Notably, Daly was also the coach of the iconic 1992 Dream Team, which marked the first time NBA players were permitted to represent Team USA in international competition. Daly passed away in 2009.

With the permission of the Daly family, Cunningham will be wearing the number as he leads the next chapter in the Pistons rebuild.

Image: Andrew D. Bernstein – NBAE – Getty Images


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