Jarace Walker is a Perfect Fit on the Detroit Pistons

“Sick for Vic,” is the thing we are hearing as the NBA season is heading into its final months. At least for Detroit Pistons fans. The question remains, if the lottery luck doesn’t fall in the Pistons favor, how will the Detroit Pistons navigate the draft? If the Pistons aren’t deciding between the likes of Victor Wembenyama and Scoot Henderson, taking a look at a rising Jarace Walker, a 19-year-old forward, could make perfect sense. Could Walker be the top-five talent that the Detroit Pistons select in the 2023 NBA Draft?

While those who do not follow the NCAA may not be familiar with Walker, he is a prospect that fans should begin to take interest in –  his stock has gained a lot of traction heading into the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

Walker is averaging 11.2 points per game in 29 games for the Houston Cougars this season. He is shooting nearly 48% from the field and what stands out is his three-point shooting percentage, which is sitting at just over 34%.

His shooting is what Pistons fans will arguably question, as Jalen Duren and James Wiseman do not profile as big men who will be quality shooters at the NBA level. Walker’s jumper has been described as “slow and needing a lot of time to get off.”

What Jarace Walker Brings to the Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons have struggled mightily defensively in 2023. They have the third-worst defensive rating in the NBA only ahead of the Spurs and Rockets. With Cade Cunningham being back into the fold next year and the Pistons young rookie duo of Ivey & Duren maturing heading into their second season, the defense will look to take a step forward in 2024.

Jarace Walker could certainly aid in doing that, as his defensive versatility is something that could be his calling card as an NBA player. Standing at 6’8 and weighing 240 pounds, Walker can be a player who guards on the wing and even hold his own against NBA centers.

Offensively, the shooting will be the question mark for Jarace Walker. Walker is a below-average ball handler as well, making his ability to create offense for himself and others at the NBA level a bit of a question mark. One NBA comparison I could give, which is a little ambitious, is Paul Millsap. While Walker may not be the ball-handler or shot-creator Millsap was, the potential is certainly there for him to become that.

Closing Thoughts

While there are other prospects you preferred the Detroit Pistons to draft this year, the chance they get to pick in the top two or even top three is not guaranteed. With the uncertainty of Brandon Miller and the situation he is going through at Alabama, Jarace Walker is arguably the best forward or big man in the draft behind Wemby. He may not be the “sexy” name, but his skills could go a long way in helping the Detroit Pistons become the NBA team we all hope they can be in the future.

Featured Image: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


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